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Semi-natural meadows and grazed woodlands are biodiversity-rich, unique habitats co-created by people and nature through grazing and mowing for livestock. In Finland, these habitats are called traditional rural biotopes. Other features of cultural landscapes include the built heritage, for example traditional buildings, fences and stone walls. Additionally, cultural landscapes sometimes contain archeological cultural heritage such as burial grounds.

Examples of traditional rural biotopes are heaths, semi-natural and natural meadows, grazed woodlands and forests and other types of untilled permanent pastureland. Their rich flora diversity creates conditions for many other species, for example fungi, butterflies and beetles, as well as birds and other wildlife. Because these habitats support a high level of biodiversity, they are considered high nature value farmlands .

Cultural landscapes are dependent on management practices such as grazing and mowing, as well as maintenance of the built heritage. Meadows once made up the majority of Finnish agricultural land, but have dramatically decreased due to changes in agricultural practices. Finland has less than 1% of managed meadow area compared to a century ago. 


Cultural Landscapes Association, Finland

The most important goal of our organisation is to support and advance management of the semi-natural meadows and grazed woodlands. We are not a museum organisation but part of living, breathing, and productive farming! We provide information, organise trips and provide training and expertise to farmers, associations and other actors involved with management of Finland’s diverse and biodiversity-rich cultural landscapes. We cooperate with like-minded folks through international projects, and we manage two sites.

our managment sites

We manage Kotiniitty (literally, “home meadow”) in Halikko, Salo. Kotiniitty is grazed, but we also clear brush and fell trees to restore and maintain the habitat. Volunteer days or other activities are a great way to get to know us! We inform about our activities via Facebook.

We hand mow a second site in the beautiful Rekijoki Valley, a Natura 2000 area in SW Finland. The surrounding area is grazed by cattle, but we mow this site because mowed meadows are relatively rare in Finland, and this site has previously been used for research comparing the effects of grazing vs. mowing on the meadow plant community.



Cultural Landscapes Association, Finland is a non-profit organisation open to everyone interested in conservation of Finland’s cultural landscapes. Welcome!

Membership 2024 

Annual membership (2024): 22 € / individual

Supporting membership (2024): 100 € /individual or organisation


Someron säästöpankki

IBAN: FI18 4327 1020 0453 04


Recipient:  Perinnemaisemayhdistys ry.

Reference (2024): 20 24013



Perinnemaisemayhdistys ry.

c/o Anni Karhunen

Pääskynlento 14 A 4

20610 Turku

Board members 2024 – 2026

Chair: Eriika Lundström, Turku
Vice chair: Traci Birge, Kaarina
Secretary: Maria Yli-Renko, Turku
Treasurer:  Anni Karhunen, Turku

Eija Hagelberg, Salo
Maija Mussaari, Turku
Lotta Berlin, Turku

Mariko Lingren, Nurmes

Eeva-Liisa Korpela, Vantaa

The Board is happy to hear about project proposals, events, and new ideas for cooperation with different societies and organisations. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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